Staying Healthy

It can be difficult at times but, in the long run it’s so worth it! People say, “it costs so much money for healthy foods!” but what they don’t seem to realize is the medical bills they will have later in their life from eating horrible processed foods. Continue reading

Great workout out of the gym

Every now and then I like to get out of the gym and do a overall upper body workout at the local park. You can do pull ups, leg ups, dips, bicep pull ups, a whole variety of things! I love it. I really recommend some time going out and trying it because it really digs deep in targeting specific muscles that aren’t really being hit while you are in the gym, (that’s as long as you aren’t doing a great work out regime that really switches things up all of the time.)

You should really give it a shot and let me know what you think. I would like to hear how the workout goes for you. Ironically, after each time I do this, I’m more sore than ever before in any work out session at the gym. Have a good one!

Exercise Health and Making Wealth

When I am not at the gym working out, getting my exercises on, or in the kitchen preparing meals that will fuel my engine to be the productive beast I want to be all day, I am looking into real estate.  With real estate I am looking into ways of how people construct buildings, and homes for the local communities. Especially with where I am living now in Northeast Florida, I really know that this area will be blowing up soon.

I was born and raised in St. Augustine Florida. Since I love this area and there are people continuously moving down here from up north (mainly the baby boomers), I am finding ways to build wealth by taking the opportunity of knowing that land and houses are the way to go. I mean, people need buildings to live in, shop in, and shelter in right? So I was doing a bunch of research one day when I was looking into this property I was looking into buying. This place was a mess. It had mold problems, electric problems, needing plumbing among many other little things. But the major problem was the roof. It looked like it was hit by 10 tornadoes. (OK maybe I am over exaggerating a little bit, but seriously, it was BAD!). When I looked around online for the best roofers in the area, I ran across These guys were very professional and Continue reading

Fitness Rowing Machines vs Free Weights

When I go to work out at a gym, I always tend to use both fitness machines and also push dumbbell’s and straight bars (aka free weights). People always tend to say that free weights are the best, and though I can see where they are coming from and why they think that way, I like to keep an open mind.

Whenever I get on rowing machines, and other fitness machines, sometimes I feel like I can get a much better form, as well as a better burn.  The burn makes it feel like I am getting a much better repetition each time that I perform my sets. I have learned a lot from becoming a personal trainer myself and putting work into research and trying things myself that may work.  Because see, what works for somebody else may not always work the best for you.

One thing that I do see whenever I go to the gym is that people use really bad form, specifically with free weights. I would possibly consider if I were you, if you are beginner in the gym to go to the machines and start getting in shape there, while slowly but surely leading into free weights. If you are willing to do that, it will go a long way. The way I look at it is, is always being safe rather than sorry upon yourself and your actions.  Just because other people look like they are strong in the gym, a lot of the times they are using a lot of momentum to push or pull the weights up that they’re pushing.  If only they knew proper form I am willing to bet that they wouldn’t be able to workout with as much weight.

I really hope that these tips help you get started in the gym, or even if you are already going, I hope it gives you another perspective and view of rowing machines and free weights. :)

Welcome to my new website

Hello everybody. Welcome to my new website called Fitness Rowing Machine. I wanted to drop a quick note to begin my journey on this site by saying “Hi!” Well, enough for now. Be sure to come by tomorrow to hear more from me!